TFOCA GenX 4 CH. Recept to MIL-D-38999 Con

TFOCA GenX 4 CH Assemblies are designed and tested per the rigorous quality standards of all products we sell. Due to significant cable assembly combinations, we are able to list only a few of our popular TFOCA GenX cable assembly product offerings.


Type Multimode
Connector End "A" 38999 Plug with Dustcap, and 90° Backshell Kit and (4) M29504/4-4040 Termini
Connector End "B" 4 CH. TFOCA GenX Rear Flange Mount Recept With Dustcap
Finish 4 CH. TFOCA GenX Receptacles to be plated with Green Zinc/Nickel, 38999 Dustcap and plug are black Zinc Nickel PLated.
Max. Multimode Link Loss at 1300nm to be 2.8 dB.

4-CH-GenX-PLUG-OPTIONS1 [PDF, 206.39 KB]
Custom-TFOCA-GenX(1) [PDF, 206.39 KB]
4-CH-GenX-Plug-to-4-Ruggedized-ST-s [PDF, 206.39 KB]
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