MASTERLINE Extreme Cable

MASTERLINE Extreme is the most efficient fiber (FTTA) and power (PTTA) solution in terms of ease of installation, cost and required space on the mast. The compact divider minimises the wind-load and makes a bulky mast-top box redundant. The ruggedised push-pull connector Q-ODC allows the installer to connect the RRH jumper cables with a single «click» making it a genuin «plug & play» cabling system.

MASTERLINE Extreme is the preferred choice of network installers who require trouble free, reliable and efficient field deployments. For that reason, this product is a HUBER+SUHNER best-seller which is always available on stock – with best lead times guaranteed.
HUBER+SUHNER’s MASTERLINE Extreme product family is unique in the market and provides the best value for money. The product is available to support up to 12 remote radios.MASTERLINE extreme is a multi fiber cabling system directly terminated with the well-known HUBER+SUHNER ODC connectors or with RRH compatible interfaces for reliable, easy and time-saving installations. The product uses a small and robust cable divider instead of distribution boxes which makes the solution compact and space-saving.



  • Pre-assembled «plug & play» cabling system
  • Terminated with Q-ODC extension or with RRH-specific interface
  • Ruggedised design with robust breakout cables
  • Robust pulling tube for cable lifting
  • Outdoor and indoor with high flame resistance
  • Temperature range –40 °C up to +75 °C
  • Loose tube cables with up to 24 fibers, rodent protected and UV resistant
  • Fibers and connectors numbered for easy channel identification
  • Easy and time-saving installation


Standard portfolio

  • MLE with 12 and 24 fibers
  • RRH side terminated with Q-ODC extension connectors
  • BTS side terminated with LC uniboot connectors
  • Adaptation to any RRH interface with Q-ODC plug jumpers

MLE with Q-ODC extension / MASTERLINE Classic with LC uniboot connector

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