4 Fiber Mobile-Military Tactical Fiber Optic Cable

  • easy to strip tight tubes
  • highest tensile and crush strength
  • flexible and abrasion-resistant
  • metal and halogen free
  • high thermal, mechanical and environmental resistance
  • extensively tested according MIL, DOD and IEC standards



  • fixed or moved data cabling
  • machine cabling, drag chains
  • military tactical field application


Tube: 4 tight tube, 1 ripcord
Cable Jacked: TPU - Black
Strength Member: Aramid Yarn
Colour Codes: Coloured with Ral colour codes.
Tube Colours: E9 (9µ) Yellow 4 Fiberli askeri taktik fiber optik kablo, arazi şartları için özel olarak tasarlanmıştır. (Tactical mobile cable)
G50(50µ) Orange
G62.5(62.5µ) Blue
OM3 Turquoise



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