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Powercrete W (Sea & Untreated Water)


  • ID/OD Coating for: Sea/River water & Wastewater Pipes & Storage Tanks
  • Directional Drilling when applied as external coating
  • Pipe Bends, Fittings, Valves & Odd Shapes
  • Any bare steel structure in need of corrosion protection


Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Solids Liquid Epoxy; No V.O.C.s and no isocyanates

Safe to use; Environment friendly

  • Same Formula can be Hand or Spray/Applied

Flexibility in difficult to coat field conditions; Optimize inventory level for mainline coating as well for joints

  • Bisphenol A Epoxy

Suitable for pipeline operating temperature to 55°C (131°F); Long performance life at higher temp. immersed condition

  • Excellent Wetting Properties to Bare Steel

Exceptional adhesion, cathodic disbondment and soil resistance on bare steel; Long life for protection and outperform primitive coatings like CTE or cement mortar

  • Resistant to Broad Range of pH

Prevent corrosion for long time; Hence delay maintenance and rehabilitation

  • Provides Glossy and Smooth Internat Surface

Improve the flow and reduces deposits of sediments; Easy cleaning


Max Temperature: 55 ºC (131 ºF)


Raychem JB-SB-26 Support Bracket
Raychem JB-SB-26 Support Bracket
Price excl. VAT:€66.00
Price inc. VAT:€77.88
4 Trays | 48 Fibers | Fiber Optic Splice Closure | 290140
4 Trays | 48 Fibers | Fiber Optic Splice Closure | 245172
Price excl. VAT:€26.91
Price inc. VAT:€31.75

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