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DigiTrace RAYSTAT-ECO-10

DigiTrace RAYSTAT-ECO-10

Ambient sensing energy saving frost protection controller

  • Designed to control heating cables for frost protection applications

  • Adjustable temperature range: 0°C to 30°C
  • Max. switching current 25 A, 230 VAC
  • PASC (Proportional Ambient Sensing Control) for energy saving
  • Alarm relay: 2 A voltfree with indication of sensor errors, voltage errors and low or high temperature alarm
  • Display for visual indication of parameters

The RAYSTAT-ECO-10 temperature controller is designed to control heating cables used for frost protection applications. It continuously adjusts the heat-tracing output based on the ambient temperature. Using a proprietary algorithm, the RAYSTATECO- 10 controller measures ambient temperature and determines the appropriate cycle time during which the heating cables will be energised.


Since ambient temperatures in winter are often below freezing point, but well above the minimum designed ambient temperature, significant energy savings are realised. Parameters are displayed and can be set easily. The controller includes a 25 A relay which allows direct switching of the heating circuit. The enclosure can easily be installed outdoors. The unit includes a Pt 100 sensor for determining ambient temperature in ordinary area.

The RAYSTAT-ECO-10 controller is designed to provide trouble-free, long term operation. In addition to the display, the controller includes an alarm relay that switches either upon low supply voltage, upon output fault or upon RTD failure thus allowing remote indication of system status.

the controller must have the following functions:
  • Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC)
  • Low temperature alarm function
  • Digital display
  • Capacity for “Off-site” programming without external power supply
  • 25 amp switching capacity rating
  • Sensor failure alarm
  • Voltage failure alarm
  • Selectable fail safe mode, either ON or OFF
  • Alarm relay for remote BMS monitoring
  • System error codes for quick diagnostic of system failure


Energy saving with Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC)

Duty cycle (power to heater on) depends on the ambient temperature.
For example: If minimum temperature= –15°C and if maintain temperature (set point)= +5°C
Raystat-Eco-10 charts.jpg




Supply voltage 230 VAC, +10%/–10%, 50/60 Hz
Main Terminals 3 x 0.75 mm2 to 4 mm2
Energy Saving Algorithm Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC) active below set point
Temperature Set point 0°C to + 30°C (switch off temperature)
Minimum Expected Ambient –30°C to 0°C
Sensor Type 3-wire Pt100 according to IEC Class B
Ingress Protection IP 65
Entries 2 x M25, 1 x M20, 1 x M16
Mounting On wall or on support bracket SB-100/SB-101
Approvals/Certificate VDE ; Semko; CSTB
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