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VPL Series Self Regulating Heating Cable

The Raychem VPL range of power-limiting trace heating cables can provide process temperature maintenance up to 230°C and can withstand intermittent temperature exposures to 260°C. They have a high power output at high temperatures, which can reduce the number of heating cables required.

They can also be used for frost protection of pipes and vessels that require steam cleaning.

There is also a 400V version which offers the further advantage of long circuit lengths potentially reducing the number of power supply points required.

Unlike the self-regulating heating cables the T-classification for these products has to be calculated and will depend on the design conditions. This may also result in the need to use a safety temperature limiter.

The VPL heating cables are approved for use in hazardous areas and have fluoropolymer outer jackets offering a high chemical resistance.

230 V versions 400 V versions
5VPL2 (15 W/m) 5VPL4 (12 W/m)
10VPL2 (30 W/m) 10VPL4 (24 W/m)
15VPL2 (45 W/m) 15VPL4 (36 W/m)
20VPL2 (61 W/m) 20VPL4 (49 W/m)

Key benefits:

  • Efficient system design
    • the high power output at elevated temperatures reduces the number of heating cable runs
    • the relatively flat power temperature curve results in lower start-up temperatures and reduces the cost of power supply equipment
    • long circuit lengths due to bigger cross-section of conductors (3,3 mm2)
    • when operating at higher voltages, the maximum circuit length further increases and therefore the number of circuits, connection kits and power supply equipment can be reduced
  • Fast and easy to install
    • Flexible and easy to strip due to their unique construction with wrapped alloy heating elements
    • Single overlap at valves, flanges and instruments without the risk of local overheating
    • cut-to-length
    • user-friendly connection kits
    • meter markings on outer jacket
  • Safe, reliable and efficient in operation
    • Very robust design
    • high power output at elevated temperatures
VPL_Pentair_Datasheet [PDF, 537.45 KB]
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