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Powercrete PW-A is an NSF 61 approved liquid epoxy polymer coating.


  •  Coating for internal & external surface of potable water pipelines & storage tanks
  •  Internal of weld-joints
  •  Also for internal of pipe bends, fittings, valves & odd shapes


Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Solids Epoxy No V.O.C.s and No Isocyanates

Safe to use and environmentally friendly

  • Bisphenol A Chemistry

Suitable for pipeline operating temperature up to 55ºC (130ºF)

  • Same Formula can be Hand or Spray Applied

Versatility in difficult to coat field conditions and optimum inventory

  • Excellent Mechanical Properties & Bond strength

Can be used for weld-joints for any types of maninline coating.

  • High Build in a Single Application

Cost saving formulation can build 20 mils in one pass. Increases productivity.

  • Excellent Wetting Properties to Bare Steel

Exceptional adhesion, cathodic disbondment, soil stress resistance on bare steel and hence offers longer life. Cost savings.


Max Temperature: 55 ºC, 131 ºF

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