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300mm_U13 Threaded Rod Hanging Support

  • All exposed surfaces are textured
  • High impact thermoplastic robust design,PC/ABS blend
  • Flammability rating of V-0 according to UL 94
  • Hardware-free covers on all components
  • Halogen-free (RoHS complaint )
  • Robust and strong product design
  • Versatile mounting kits
  • Internal cable retainers


Samm fiber optic raceway system is a fully enclosed ducting system that segregates, routes,and protects fiber optic cables and jumpers from building entry point to fiber termination and distribution equipment. With the raceway system, fiber is easily traced and accessed through its convenient fully wrap-around, lay-indesign.

Straight channels and curved fittings are specificially designed to prevent fibers from violating a 50mm minimum bend Radius requirement and they protect fibers from snagging, crimping, and stress.


The system’s modular design and extensive mounting kit selection enable the Project engineer to meet cable capacity requirements and future expansion needs using exisiting superstructure, cable racking and/or equipment racking.


The flexibility and simplicity of the Samm raceway systems fiber optic raceway system ensures cost-effective installations for new or existing cable routes in Central Offices, CEVs, Head-ends, Remote Offices, Data Centers, and Wiring Closets.

Canalet Dimensions:100x300 mm.

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