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PERP-PP - Repair Patch for PP MOT 120°C (248°F)


 PERP-PP is a heat-applied patch which, in combination with PP adhesives filler, offers an economically effective and high quality repair system for factory PP pipe coatings damaged mechanically during transportation, storage and laying of pipes.

Features & Benefits:


Adaptable repair system

Highly economical; Saves Money

Resistant to high shear forces

Long lasting and high performance

Excellent adhesion to commercial, PP mill-applied coatings

Provides a virtually monolithic coating repair of high quality.

Available in roll form

Saves time with fast and convenient installation; Saves money by keeping inventory and logistics costs low.

No special equipment required

Makes installation fast and easy; Keeps installation costs low.


Max Temperature: 120 ºC (248 ºF)

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