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3X LGX Plates Set

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3 x LGX Plates Set - Furukawa Central Office Broadband Systems

LGX Plates Set

Furukawa LGX Plates Set has 3 face plates with 12 positions each. LGX Plates are compatible with SC, LC, FC, ST and MPO fiber optic connectors and it can be installed on LGX Modular Patch Panel. LGX Plates Set is a Central Office solution in Furukawa Broadband Systems.

LGX Plates Set Details

Dimensions Height  29.2 mm
Width  129.6 mm
Color  Black
Material type  Steel or plastic
Painting type Steel plate  Powder epoxy painting with high resistance to scratch
Plastic  none
Number of Plates 3 in each set
Connector  MPO  LC or SC  FC or ST
Number of positions  6 06, 08 or 12  8

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