T2 Red + T2 Reflecta Extensive

  • Living rooms, kitchen, dining rooms heating and kids' room...
  • To be applied to floors of: Tiles, wooden, ceramics, decorative stones or carpets*
  • Sub floor: Cement screed; anhydrite screed, wooden floor, gypsum board, timber floor board, asphalt screed must be suitable for underfloor heating (maximum resistance to heat transfer 0,15 W/mâ²K)

What is T2Reflecta ?
  • T2Red heating cable
  • T2Reflecta plate
  • Thermostat

Application steps for Ceramic Surfaces
  1. Install the aluminum plated heat insulators
  2. This can be fixed by using screws or glues
  3. Cables are installed in builtin cable guides
  4. Wooden floors are installed directly on finished plates


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