ELEKTRA WoodTec 60 W/m Laminate/Parquet Underfloor Electric Heating Mat

ELEKTRA WoodTec 60 W/m Underfloor Electric Heating Mat

ELEKTRA WoodTec 60 W/m Underfloor Electric Heating Mat

For heating laminate, parquet and wood flooring, ELEKTRA WoodTec is the most suitable solution. WoodTec1 60 w/m is designed to be a secondary or a primary heating system, depending on the room isolation. The WoodTec1 heating mat is 1.5mm thick and connects to power source on both ends of the heating cable. WoodTec1 60w/m heating mats are 1.5mm thick and 50 cm (width) x 4.0 to 26.0 m (length). The heating mats consist of heating cables attached to fiberglass net and covered with aluminum foil on the back side. The aluminum foil in WoodTec mat provides a protective shielding for the heating cables.


Installation of ELEKTRA WoodTec Underfloor Electric Heating Mat

The assembly of an electric heating mat under laminate, parquet and wood flooring is very easy. When proceeding with the detailed instructions enclosed to the product, you are able to mount in your house without any troubles the well functioning floor heating.

Components of ELEKTRA WoodTec Heating Mat

  • Heating cable
  • Fiberglass mesh
  • Heating cable joint to cold tail
  • Shielded (PE) cold tail (L – black or brown)
  • Shielded (PE) cold tail (N - blue)
  • Aluminum shield

Components of ELEKTRA WoodTec Heating Mat

ELEKTRA WoodTec Installation Video

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