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The Fitel S325A precision cleaver solves the dilemma of stray fibers with a unique disposal system incorporated into the design.

A disposal chamber built into the cleaver automatically collects cleaved ends, eliminating manual disposal and possible injury due to stray fibers. The chamber is also easily removable for dispensing into a trash can.

The automatic cleave function provides constant cleaving pressure and improves cleave quality. The cutting blade locks into place after scoring, preventing double scoring.

Fitel S325A high precision fiber cleaver also can be used to cleave ribbon fibers.

This compact unit delivers speed and precision. With a single button, you complete a secure cleave and the waste fiber is automatically collected. Excellent for hand-held and work bench use. Performs 32,000 cleaves.



  • Cleave Anywhere
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy Fiber Loading
  • Secure Fiber Clamp
  • High Capacity Waste Fiber Collection
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Easy Maintenance at Site
  • Universal Single Fiber Adapter


FITEL-S315-S325_Datasheet [PDF, 1.03 MB]
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