XAGA - Joint Closure Systems

XAGA is a product range of joint closure systems for copper cables produced by Tyco Electronics. These Heat-shrinkable composite joint
closure systems are used for environmental and mechanical protection of joints in the unpressurised telephone network: aerial, buried or ducted, non filled or jelly filled, with polyethylene, lead, steel or aluminium sheaths.


XAGA - Joint Closure Systems

XAGA products can be used for copper in both unpressurized and pressurized networks. 

XAGA 500XAGA 530 and XAGA 550 are used for unpressurized copper cable networks meanwhile XAGA 1000 is used in pressurized copper cable networks.


Based on the TE Connectivity technology of heat-shrinkable composite materials, closures have an excellent split resistance and are very craft-friendly. 
The fiber composite structure of the RayFort wraparound sleeve offers excellent resistance to mechanical abuse both during and after installation. 
An integral metal layer which shrinks with the sleeve protects the joint from moisture vapour transmission.

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