Electric Underfloor Heating FAQ

What is Raychem ?

Raychem, is one of the brand of Tyco International company. Before, Raychem was an independent company and then, was bought by Tyco in 1999. After it is combined with the other brand, it had a wide product range. Raychem, about 30 years, has been symbol of quality and trust in a lot of fields such as telecom, energy, military and structural cabling, computer, medical products. And Tyco is the one of the most important company in the technological field and is a favorite company for its users. Our company is the representative of companies that has large product range such as raychem space heating, shrinkible tubing, special cables, fiber optic termination boxes, corrosion protection brands.

Is floor heating a healthy system?

Yes, because ground can be heated between 25 and 35 degree Celsius. This temperature is ideal for human\'s body temperature. Moreover, there is no risk to be overheated. there is also no smut in this kind of heating. In general, we have seen in homes and particularly the walls of the heating pipe is smutted over time. This is state due to air-flow. Space heating is recommended system to asthma patients because it is uniform on the all ground and does not exceed 35 degree.

Warm heat cool head... People usually get sick more quickly when the cold of feet. Children always play on the ground, so the heating system from a system is very healthy here.

What is the difference between electric space heating and space heating in aqueous ?

Because space heating in aqueous ground temperature could be increased up to 60 degree, there is a temperature difference inner side of the house. It is not healthy that the ground temperature is 60 degree. because it causes circulation disorders and bacteria increase.

Is electrical space heating system new system ?

No, but in Turkey it is new. The main reason is for foreigner, the right to acquire property is new in Turkey. Foreigners demanded electrical heating that they used in their country, so In Turkey this application started to be installed after 2000. Scandinavian countries and other European countries, USA, in countries such as Russia, the system is used in different forms since the invention of electricity and last 50 years, the latest technology products and control equipment and cables with the system is most applicable.

Does it make sense to use electrical space heating instead of natural gas?

Actually yes, but In Turkey, every apartment have natural gas installation. This is not an applied method except for Turkey. In countries that have natural gas, in industry regions have co-generation stations that converts natural gas into electric. This system need all streets to be excavated. Moreover this situation is very dangerous because in this system every house has explosive gas. If the gas is cut off because of any reason, the installation investment goes to waste. On the other hand, there are a lot of methods to produce electric(such as thermal, hydroelectric or nuclear stations).

Can electrical space heating be applied to wet ground ?

Yes, the ideal performance of electrical space heating can be obtained when it is applied on wet grounds or tiles and marbles , because these kinds of ground conduct the heat quickly. Also, marbles and tiles are cold in summer and winter, but if you have electrical space heating, you can step on that ground without slippers.

In cold regions (such as Erzurum, Erzincan, Kars, Ardahan, Van, Hakkari, Şırnak), electrical does electrical space heating cost too expensive ?

No. Electrical space heating systems are preferred in cold countries(Scandinavian countries, Canada, USA) In east Turkey if you set the power amount per meter as 160w/m^2, you can get optimum result.

What are the application prices ?

Electrical space heating systems vary according to design of your home, size of your home and roughly 20-30 EUR / m ^ 2 is such as turn-key cost. In this price, floor insulation, installation, commissioning making, thermostat and everything is included. However, smart and comfortable heating system is applied to the aluminium layer increases the cost of initial set-up, the system itself during the process is paying off. You can contact us for details.

If we heat our home by electrical space heating how much do we pay for this?

The application made in Turkey in the whole house electric bill has not exceeded the payments of natural gas. If electricity and natural gas prices will continue to parallel to each other, this situation won't change. In Turkey, electricity is expensive, but gas is too expensive.

If electricity is cut off, how will we warm up?

When the electricity cut off, the life is stopped, so the other heating systems stopped too(combi and the others). There is no other method than warming by stove.

Can I get the same system applied to the ceiling and wall?

Yes, but you lose the advantages of the space heating. because when you heat the air it gets higher, so it is sensible to warm from the ground.

Is it safe to apply electrical space heating to child rooms?

Yes. Children play at the ground. For Children, exposure to an electrical shock is not in question. Because there is no cable outside that the children can touch or tamper with. There is only seemingly thermostat. Thermostat is the child lock is available and has a leakage current protection switch. What happens if the children make a hole on the ground by screwdriver or something else?. Nevertheless, not shock, because all the houses board and thermostat have leakage current relay. If you're sitting in an old house, our technical staff will check the keys for you.

Electric space heating can be applied in the mosque?

Yes. In mosques, there are carpets so over heat isolation, electric heating cables are montaged and closed with the mortar. After this mortar is flatted, carpets can be put over the ground. Because the cables are below 3-4 cm, neat heating can be provided. Also, in the mosque by pure heating can be done, according to the mosque's occupancy rate of thermostat provides energy savings can be pure-pure work.

In Turkish baths and saunas, Can this system be applied?

In Turkish baths, we apply it to the under the belly stone and the other marbles. In saunas, it is not an preferable system.

In winters, Can I open the frozen pipes by using Raychem pipe frozen prevention cable?

No. But by using Raychem on pipes you can prevent freezing of water pipes for years. For this, the only thing you should do is, in summer you should get raychem freezing preventive cables to be montaged and isolate these pipes. The cost is very low for this. The system can be automatically controlled, such as freezing occurs from an insurance open / close can be solved by making the fleet of water.

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