Raspberry Pi Is Coming to Izmir

Date: 2015-10-20

Raspberry Pi Is Coming to Izmir


Raspberry Pi Is Coming to Izmir


As Samm Teknoloji we are adding a new activity to recently organized Raspberry Pi activities. This time we are on the way of Izmir!

There will be two different activities  at two different  places on 23th and 24th October.


First place is GNN offices


First activity will be at 23 October Friday at Gnn Offices.  It will start at 19:00 o’clock and everyone at Izmir at every age can participate.

During activity Mr. Ramazan Subaşı will make a presentation and then he will answer the questions.


Raspberry Pi Workshop at Izmir Hackerspace


After first presentation, a Raspberry Pi shop will done on 24th October Saturday at İzmir Hackerspace (IzmirHs) at 11:00 o’clock.

Shop participants will selected by IzmirHs. For detail info and registration.  


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