Raspberry Pi New Book

Date: 2014-06-24

Raspberry Pi is a device which all the makers love. It is small, cheap and allows you to put your imagination to work, as we usually do in our childhood with classic games like Lego or Meccano

But this is not only a new game, Raspberry Pi, designed and made in UK with educative purposes (teach the basics of software development to the kids), has become a boom with more than 3 million units sold and a lot of projects and applications really original.

In SAMM Technology, as new-tech eagers, we have been bet for this device from the very beginning, becoming the first importer and the official distributor of Raspberry Pi in Turkey. We have sold more than 3.000 units and we have new projects under development to take advantage of the countless possibilities of this great device. Thanks to this previous experience, we met Arda Kılıçdağı, software developer and also a passionate who founded the Raspberry Pi Community in Turkey ( Arda has been playing around with the device for a long time and with his experience as UNIX administrator, he has been helping other people to make things work in Raspberry, by answering technical questions in the online forum.

As result of this experience, Arda decided to launch a new book, the first one in Turkish about Raspberry Pi giving a smooth and perfect introduction to this device for a general audience and writing about topics like:


  • Daily uses
  • Camera module
  • GPIO Management from terminal
  • Configuration
  • Web Server deployment
  • Graphic inteface and Terminal
  • Python introduction


If you just have a brand new Raspberry Pi but you don’t have much experience using Linux operative systems or you just want to get new ideas about how to use it, Arda’s book is the best starting point.

You can find the new book available in our online store and for those who don’t have yet a Raspberry Pi, we have just launched a new kit including all you need to start playing and making.

We hope you enjoy it as much as Arda and we do!! 

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