SAMM Teknoloji becomes partner of Raspberry Pi in Turkey

Date: 2013-09-04

SAMM Technology offers Raspberry Pi in Turkey.

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Up until now, it’s been difficult for people in Turkey to buy a Raspberry Pi, with import duties and postage charges raising prices to a point where the Pi becomes uneconomic for some. Information about the Pi is hard to find in Turkish, too.

Pis are getting to Turkey; we know that there are some at the Base Istanbul Hackerspace, and we’ve had conversations with a number of friendly Pi-owners out there. But we’re not seeing the Pis out there being used by kids in the way we want them to be, and we’re not seeing as many as we’d like to outside the established academic and hacking community.

These are things we’ve been working to fix.

First off, we’ve established a new Turkish language section in the official forums. We’d like you to help populate it.

We’ve also found a new Turkish vendor, so Turkish buyers will not have to pay the import duty that has been causing such difficulties. Raspberry Pi is now available in Turkey through Samm Teknoloji AS, who aim to provide the Pi at the lowest possible price to Turkish Education.



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