Raychem Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Date: 2011-01-01

Overview of Raychem floor heating systems

RAYCHEM ELECTRIC FLOOR HEATING systems consist of: heating cables, heating mats, thermostats, sensors and accessories.

RAYCHEM ELECTRIC FLOOR HEATING systems can be install in houses, workplaces, or in almost any room that needs heating.

Raychem System Benefits:

  • high degree of comfort
  • balanced distribution of heat
  • efficient energy consumption
  • totally hidden heat source
  • takes no room space at all
  • hygienic in wet environments
  • very easy to install
  • system has years long life.

Raychem systems have a 12-year manufacturer warranty, and are the world's leading brand of Tyco Thermal Controls in Turkey, The Middle East, The Arab Gulf. Besides, SAMM Technology the official representative and distributor for Raychem in Turkey, and provide before and after sale service.

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