"Robot Kutusu" has joined the Samm Technology Family.

Date: 2019-03-20

"Robot Kutusu", which is one of the leading companies in the maker industry since 2014, has signed an agreement with, and has become a part of Samm Technology.

As a result of the reached agreement, Burak İlarslan, one of the founding partners of Robot Kutusu, will also be included in the Samm Technology family.

As Samm Technology, we distribute maker products such as Raspberry Pi, micro:bit and Asus Tinkerboard. Our company, works as a Premier Farnell's logistics partner for electronics products, and has expanded its product range in e-commerce with the addition of Robot Kutusu.

The process that started at the end of 2018 was officially completed with the contract signed by Mustafa Akşit, General Manager of Samm Technology and Burak İlarslan, co-founder of Robot Kutusu. At the end of this process, Burak İlarslan will work as a project engineer in our IT department.

We would like to welcome Burak Ilarslan and share our contentment of having Robot Kutusu join our growing family.

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