SAMM Brand Copper Joint Kits are Back in Stock

Date: 2018-05-16

	SAMM Brand Copper Joint Kits are Back in Stock

The JRW Railroad Special Straight Joint Kit (TCDD) and the BRW Railways Special Branch Kit, which have been manufactured according to TCDD railway field installation requirements, are available again with the reliability assurance of SAMM Technology.

What are BRW and JRW Joint Kits?

The heat shrink kit system is a copper product designed for protection of filled and unfilled cables against environmental and mechanical problems. JRW kits are used at cable joints and BRW kits are used at cable branching points.

Copper Accessories

Duraseal heat shrink connectors and terminations provide a robust protective solution for wire connections (joints).

Constant Force Springs are designed to be used in weld-less cable connections. Constant Force springs are suitable for cables with lead or aluminum cover and a copper shield.

To explore the products in more detail you can check out the Copper Products Page.


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