Raspberry Pi ZERO Wireless in Turkey

Date: 2017-02-28

Raspberry Pi ZERO Wireless in Turkey

Raspberry Pi are celebrating their 5th Raspberry Pi anniversary that was first released on 29 February 2012. On This occasion, a new member is joining the Raspberry Pi family, which has reached more than 12 million sales worldwide since its release. news-image-raspberry-pi-zero-wireless-in-turkey

Samm Teknoloji is very glad to announce the release of Raspberry Pi ZERO Wireless today, and we are proud to exclusively provide Raspberry Pi ZERO Wireless in Turkey from day one. Raspberry Pi ZERO Wireless is the same as the older ZERO version except that it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It will be sold world wide and also from Samm Teknoloji at the same price , $10 only *plus tax. Global sales price of $ 10 PiZero Wireless Turkey sales price is also 10 dollars, excluding tax.

You can follow the links below to buy your Raspberry Pi ZERO Wireless or buy the ZERO Wireless Camera Kit.
Please note that, in accordance to the sales policy determined by Raspberry Pi, every customer will be limited to buy only 1 Raspberry Pi ZERO Wireless unit.


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