Raspberry Pi Zero Release Will Be Delayed.

Date: 2016-01-13

Raspberry Pi Zero Release Will Be Delayed.


Since the announcement day of Raspberry Pi Zero a wave of excitement has come over Turkey as well as the whole world. Raspberry Pi Zero started as a very limited edition, only sold in certain countries. In order to be ahead, SAMM Technology negotiated with the Zero Official Manufacturers to make Zero land early in Turkey. Furthermore, we gave the opportunity to our customers to pre-order it through our website and deliveries were planned to be made in the first week of January.


Unfortunately, the production was delayed from the Zero manufacturers, and they stated that “ The long waiting list for Raspberry Pi Zero has made the production process take longer that it was planned”. Deliveries will be made but there is no exact date at the moment.


We were waiting impatiently for the Zero, as our customers were, and we are just as sorry now.


  • All pre-order payments will be transferred back on Thursday 14th Jan, tomorrow.
  • For those of our customers who would like to wait with us, you can confirm your pre-order today by sending us an email to ( ) and just confirm that you would like to wait for when deliveries are possible.


We ensure you again , the delay did not occur on our company’s side , and we are still terribly sorry , we always hope to provide the best service that our customers totally deserve.

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