Motion Detector HC-SR501 - Passive Infrared - Adjustable Sensor

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HC-SR501 Motion Sensor

HC-SR501 Motion Sensor

HC-SR501 is an electronic motion sensor that uses a passive infrared light sensing to detect any movement of an object, an animals or a person. HC-SR501 only sends positive or negative results so it is mainly used in security alarms and automatic lighting systems, and it is compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. HC-SR501 motion sensor has two adjustable knobs: Tx knob adjust the detection delay and Sx adujsts the range from 3 to 5 meters.

HC-SR501 Motion Sensor Features

  • Operating Voltage: 5-12V
  • Logic Signal Voltage: 3.3V
  • Detection Range: 3-5 meters
  • Detection Angle: 140º
  • Hold Time: 5-200 seconds
  • Dimensions: 33x25x24 (mm)

HC-SR501 Motion Sensor -2 HC-SR501 Motion Sensor -3

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