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ROCS60E -Fiber reinforced field joint coating, used with epoxy

The ROCS60E and S1239 epoxy primer is a field corrosion protection system for girthwelds that matches corrosion protection specs.


Common Applications

The product is primarily designed for use on PE and FBE coated pipes. ROCS60E is also used for specific applications such as directional drilling and on riser pipes in splash-zones.

Features & Benefits:

  • The glass fiber reinforced backing gives the sleeve good mechanical properties.
  • Woven glass fiber reinforced material. The weave is coated with a high performance hot-melt adhesive with high shear resistance characteristics.

Max Temperature: 50 ºC, 122 ºF


DS-ROCS60E-REV2-0309 [PDF, 147.51 KB]
TUR-PDS-ROCS60E [PDF, 423.21 KB]
AG-ROCS60E-REV5-Feb10 [PDF, 367.9 KB]
AT-DIRAX-REV5-0309 [PDF, 76.35 KB]
TUR-AG-DIRAX-REV13-DEC11-LEXPS-0070-CA-0914 [PDF, 652.97 KB]
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