Turta IoT HAT

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Turta IoT HAT

Turta IoT HAT

This highly practical Raspberry Pi add-on, Turta IoT HAT, is an electronic board that enables connecting many sensors and variable components to Raspberry Pi. Turta IoT HAT brings more freedom by being able to connect motion detectors, thermometers, pressure and altitude sensors, light sensors, gas sensors, infra red and many others, and it is designed specifically to be compatible with Windows IoT.

IoT HAT can be connected to the following devices

  • Bosch Sensortec BME280 Weather Sensor: Measures temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude from sea level.
  • Avago APDS-9960 Light, RGB, Gesture and Distance Sensor: Light level, red-green-blue color tones, direction of hand movement and distance detection.
  • Maxim MAX30100 Pulse and Oxygen Sensor: Optically measures finger pulse and amount of oxygen in the hand.
  • Vishay VEML6075 UV Sensor: Measures UVA and UVB values. Accordingly, UVA Index, UVB Index and average UV Index are calculated.
  • AM312 Passive Infrared Motion Sensor: Detects the mobility of people and animals in the environment.
  • LCA717 Solid State Relay: Turns on or off 2 electronic devices. The relays are DC30V with 2A power.
  • PC817 Optocoupler Input: Detects 4 electrical inputs through optical isolation. 5V input must be provided to optocouplers.
  • Vishay TSOP38338 Infrared Receiver and QEE133 Infrared Transmitter: Reads and sends the infrared control data in 38KHz NEC protocol. Communication is provided by the microcontroller on the card. 4-byte data transfer is supported.
  • ADC: Provides the use of different sensors by measuring the electricity supplied to 4 analog inputs.
  • I2C and I / O Sockets: Provides 2 I2C and 4 analog - to - digital I / O connections.

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