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TFOCA GenX Hybrid 2x2 Fiber Optik/ bakır

The TFOCA GenX Fiber Optic / Copper connectors provides the ultimate hybrid solution where both fiber optic and copper contacts have been incorporated into one connector. Built on the standard TFOCA GenX hermaphroditic fiber optic connector, the hybrid 2 x 2 connector features 2 fiber optic termini and 2 copper 16AWG contacts for low power transmission. The design and packaging of these connectors provide a robust connectivity solution resistant to corrosion, mechanical and thermal shock environments while providing easy field maintenance.



Features Some of the applications currently employing STRAN’sTFOCA GenX Hybrid 2 x 2 include:• Deployable military tactical systems• Outdoor fiber optic networks• Emergency restoration systems
Return Loss >30 dB MMF, >40 dB SMF with PC polish
Optical Insertion Loss 9/125: 0.75 dBmax, 0.35 dBryp, 62.5/25: 0.75 dBmax, 0.14dBryp
Mating Durability 2000 cycles per EIA-455-21
Vibration 10 g’s per EIA-455-11
Physical Shock per EIA-455-14, test condition A
Thermal Shock -62°C to +85°C per EIA-455-71, cond. B
Temperature Life 250 hours at 85°C per EIA-455-4
Corrosion Resistance EIA-455-16, test condition C
Humidity 10 cycles per EIA-455-5
Fluid Immersion 1 meter, per EIA-455-12
Crush Resistance 450 lbs, per EIA-455-26
Cable Retention 400 lbs per EIA-455-6
Cable Seal Flexing Per EIA-455-1
Impact EIA-455-2
TFOCA-Genx-Hybrid-2x2-Info-Sheet [PDF, 273.43 KB]

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