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P1027 Hand Applied Primer/Liq Adh


  • Machine or hand application

Features & Benefits:

Excellent adhesion

Excellent Cathodic disbondment resistance

     Ensures permanent bond of coating system

     Provides long term corrosion protection


Conforms to local and national standards


Manufactured at ISO 9001 facility

     Can be used in most locations

     Consitant quality!



Max Temperature: 100 ºC, 212 ºF


Ordering Information:

1027 Liquid adhesive has USA and Europe origin. Europe origin called as 1027-ISO

  • 1207-ISO LIQ ADH 1L(C12) (must be ordered 12 or multiples pails.

  • 1207-ISO LIQ ADH 10L

  • 1207-ISO LIQ ADH 200L


  • 1027 Liquid ADH. 1 GAL-3,8L

  • 1027 Liquid ADH 5 GAL-18,9L

  • 1027 Liquid ADH 55 GAL-208L

  • 1027 Liquid ADH 0,95L

DS-1027-ISO-REV1-APR10(2) [PDF, 99.49 KB]
DS-1027-REV10-Nov11 [PDF, 150.92 KB]

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