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Chemical Resistant Fiber Optic Cable

Chemical Resistant Fiber Optic Cable Properties:

  • strain relieved with aramide yarn
  • for direct connector assembly
  • tube can be stripped minimal 50 mm in one piece
  • high chemical resistance against acids and alkalies
  • for high mechanical and thermal stability
  • halogen free and non-corrosive fire gases
  • improved crush resistance
  • longitudinal and
Tube: Up to 12 tight tube.
Cable Jacked: TPU - Black
Strength Member: Aramid Yarn
Colour Code: Coloured with Ral Colour Codes.
Tube Colour: E9 (9µ) Yellow Kimyasal Dayanımlı maks. 12 fiberli drag-chain kablo
G50(50µ) Orange
G62.5(62.5µ) Blue
OM3 Turquoise



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