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Polyken 930 Joint Coating-No Release Liner


  • Hand or machine applied coating using conventional hand wrapsters
  • Girthwelds for Water, Oil or Gas pipelines


Features & Benefits:

  • Conforms to irregular shapes

Offers a solution for nearly every application

  • Compatible with all other coating systems

Versatile and reduces inventory

  • No release liner

Makes installation fast and easy

  • Heavy Duty Adhesive

Ensures a strong bond and impervious seal

  • 40 year successful In-Service Performance

Established in-ground history

  • Easy to apply with minimal training

Saves time and money!


Max Temperature: 85 ºC, 185 ºF


Application Video:


DS-930-REV9-APR12 [PDF, 317.14 KB]
AG-930-932-B30-REV8-0509 [PDF, 360.77 KB]
MSDS POL Tape-35910GB-rev0801 (EUR) [PDF, 192.5 KB]
TUR-DS-930-REV2-04051(1) [PDF, 471.28 KB]

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