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Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec®PRO

Snow and Ice Protection ELEKTRA 1


          Protection of roofs, gutters
          and downpipes


Electric Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec®PROSnow and ice protection systems
protect against:

Electric Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec®PRO

• snow and ice build-up on roofs,
• damage caused by ice build-up in gutters
and downpipes,
• unsightly water damage on building walls,
• icicle formation


Electric Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec®PRO 3

For protecting roofs and their elements,
heating cables with UV-resistant outer
sheath need to be applied:

• ELEKTRA VCDR heating cables,
• ELEKTRA TuffTec heating cables,
• ELEKTRA SelfTec and SelfTec PRO20
self-regulating heating cables.


ELEKTRA VCDR heating cables

are characterized by constant
power output value of 20 W/m, the output value for the
TuffTec™ is 30 W/m. They are offered for sale in ready-made
units terminated with a power supply conductor (the so called
“cold tail”). When designing your heating system,
account for the available cable lengths.
Thanks to their exceptionally high resistance against damaging
influence of any bituminous substances, ELEKTRA TuffTec™
heating cables are ideally suited for the purposes of heating
roofs covered with roof felt or bituminous shingles.


ELEKTRA SelfTec self-regulating heating cables
ELEKTRA SelfTec available as
ready-to-install units

will adjust their heat output according to ambient

terminated with a power supply
conductor with a sealed plug,
for DIY installation on short segments

Electric Heating Cable ELEKTRA SelfTec®PRO 5



Frost Protection ELEKTRA 10


Self-regulating cables



•       ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO self-regulating heating cables are available on spools, with lengths to match those of pipelines, directly on building sites. These cables require termination and power supply connection.


•       ELEKTRA SelfTec self-regulating heating cables are ready-made units of specified lengths, terminated with a 1.5 m-long power supply conductor with a sealed plug. They are also alternatively available on spools.


•     ELEKTRA SelfTec DW self-regulating heating cables are available on spools and are designed for the applications both outside as well as inside water pipelines.


Self-regulating cables are made up from two copper wires positioned in parallel, interconnected with a core composed of cross-linked polymer with addition of graphite. The core constitutes a self-regulating heating element whose resistance will alter depending on temperature. Thanks to this property, the cables will increase their heat output with the decrease of the heated item’s temperature, and – respectively – decrease it with the temperature increase.

Frost Protection ELEKTRA 12Heat output variations will occur only in those places where the temperature change is noticeable and will not influence the heat output of the remaining part of the cable – that is the reason why the cables are not in danger of overheating and they can even touch or cross freely.


Frost Protection ELEKTRA 13   Advantages of

   Self-Regulating Cables

  • Trimming directly on a building site possible, to match the required length (max. cable lengths shown in the table). This option facilitates matching the heating cable’s length to that of the heated element on the design-, as well as installation stage.
  • Cable crossing possible, which enables easy positioning on valves and flanges.
  • Ambient temperature drop will automatically increase the cable’s heat output.



Frost Protection ELEKTRA 14Frost Protection ELEKTRA 15

Frost Protection ELEKTRA 16 Frost Protection ELEKTRA 17




Güç çıkışı (+ 10oC) 10, 20 ya da 33 W / m
Güç kaynağı 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
kablonun dış boyutu ~ 6 x 11 mm (10, 20 W / m), ~ 6 x 13 mm (33 W / m)
Min. Kurulum sıcaklığı -25oC
Max. çalışma sıcaklığı + 65oC
Max. pozlama sıcaklığı + 85oC (power-on, 1000h - kümülatif)
ısıtma kablosu tipi kendi kendini düzenleyen, şef ekran, tek taraflı güç kaynağı
İletken kalay kaplı bakır 2 x 1,00 mm2 (10, 20 W / m), 2 x 1.25 mm2 (33 W / m)
Yalıtım modifiye poliolefin
Dış kılıf UV ışınlarına dayanıklı, halojen içermeyen poliolefin
Min. Kabloyu bükülme yarıçapı 3.5 D
Koruma IPX7
Max. Devre başına kablo uzunluğu (+ 10oC) 150 m (10 W / m), 110 m (20 W / m), 108 m (33 W / m)
Max. devre kesici, C tipi 16 A (10, 20 W / m), 30 A (33 W / m)
Ürün sertifikaları B
Sertifika ISO 9001 IQNET, PCBC
Ürün işareti CE




Frost Protection ELEKTRA 20

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