Raspberry Pi Touch Display

Date: 2015-09-09

Raspberry Pi Display


It's been 2 years since s Raspberry Pi' s foundation LCD monitor project has started. In the begining this project was planned as a 6 month long, but because of some diffuclties accurred during the project it was prolonged.

Now you can use new LCD monitor with your Raspberry Pi HDMI output for your remote projects. 

For all Raspberry models technical specifications are as following.

  1. RGB 800 × 480 @ 60fps image
  2. 24-bit color range
  3. FT5406 10-point capacitive touch screen
  4. 70 degree viewing angle
  5. Raspberry Pie will be able to mount the metal-backed rear compartment


Announced by Raspberry Pi Foundation the screen will be sold in September all over the world for 60$ price. Display Technology SAMM as we have opened a preliminary application request to take stock as soon as possible.

For preorder CLICK HERE


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