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Commercial & Residential Facilities

Commercial & Residential Facilities

Commercial & Residential Facilities

Commercial & Housing Facilities include Office Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Apartment Complexes, Jails, Waste water treatment facilities.


Pipe Freeze Protection (10)

In cold locations, thermal insulation alone cannot keep water pipes from freezing. A pipe freeze protection system can prevent freezing of fluids in pipes such as general water piping and fire sprinkler piping.




Freezer Frost Heave Prevention (4)

Subfreezing temperatures inside cold rooms and freezers can seep through the floor, even when it is well insulated. As the soil underneath freezes, capillary action draws water into the frozen areas where the water forms a concentrated ice mass. As the ice mass grows, it can heave the floor and columns, causing damage to the structure and putting valuable inventory at risk.



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Hot Water Temperature Maintenance (4)

Large commercial buildings need a way to provide hot water at the tap in the most energy efficient way, without long waits or wasting water.




Electric Underfloor Heating (16)

Floor heating is becoming increasingly desirable to make a floor more comfortable to walk on in bare feet, or as a primary heat source for a room with a concrete floor.




Roof & Gutter De-Icing (15)

Roofs and gutters can be severely damaged by ice buildup. Ice dams and icicles form when the accumulated snow on a roof melts, and refreezes at the eaves and valleys during the evening. As the cycle continues and the ice dam continues to grow it prevents the melted water from properly draining off of the roof. Eventually, icicles begin to form, potentially creating both structural damage and safety issues.




Surface Snow Melting (8)

Electric snow melting systems can keep walkways, parking garage / loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice to help prevent slip hazards.




Fire-Rated & Specialty Wiring (3)

Industrial facilities often contain volatile hydrocarbons or other hazardous materials that can cause an extreme industrial fire emergency such as a hydrocarbon fire.

When exposed to the destructive forces of an industrial fire, electrical wiring is in jeopardy of failure. To ensure electrical power is available for critical circuit survival, a fire-rated cable & specialty wiring system is necessary.





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New Products

TRILITHIC 120 DSP MicroStealth CATV Basic Signal Level Meter

TRILITHIC 120 DSP MicroStealth CATV Basic Signal Level Meter

Price excl. VAT:$0.00
Price inc. VAT:$0.00
Aerial Optical Splice Closure FK-CEO-3T-36F

Fiber Optical Splice Closure FK-CEO-3T-36F

Price excl. VAT:$76.37
Price inc. VAT:$90.12


Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

Price excl. VAT:$36.72
Price inc. VAT:$43.33
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

Price excl. VAT:$18.23
Price inc. VAT:$21.51
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter

Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter

Price excl. VAT:$10.05
Price inc. VAT:$11.86

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