XFP DWDM Tuneable Transceiver | 10G 1550nm 32dB

XFP DWDM Tuneable Transceiver | 10G 1550nm 32dB

This XFP tuneable optic transceiver uses DWDM technology; it can transfer data at a speed of 10Gbps with 23dB budget, and it can send up to 80k. XFP DWDM tuneable optic transceivers are used with modular fiber optic switches in active networks.

D-5093-REV.A XFP Transceiver Details

  • XFP tuneable with 23dB power budget adequate for spans of up to 80km
  • Re-tuning possible via switch/router or utilizing a portable laptop-to-transceiver docking bay
  • Quick & simple wavelength tuning software application
  • Enables significant reductions of spares inventories
  • Excellent in addressing unexpected/urgent expansions
  • Also tuneable via network switch / router management
  • Tunes across 50GHz C-Band grid for 100 channels
  • Tunes across common 100GHz C-Band grid for 50 channels C11-C60

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