FiberChek Probe

VIAVI FiberChek Probe

The FiberChek fiber probe from VIAVI is an "all-in-one" autonomous handheld inspection device that every fiber technician can rely on for all of today's fiber optic inspection needs. VIAVI FiberChek Probe has built-in capabilities for image viewing, auto-focus, Pass/Fail analysis, storing and recalling results. VIAVI FiberChek probe completely automates fiber inspection workflow with fast and accurate performance. FiberChek probe can be used as on its own and can be connected (using WiFi or USB) to other test devices or computers.

VIAVI FiberChek Probe

VIAVI FiberChek Probe Features

  • Inspects fiber end faces for both patch cord and bulkhead
  • Percise endface tests with certification reports
  • Instantly captures, analyzes, and grades fiber end faces
  • PASS/FAIL results according to pre-configured setting
  • Fully autonomous inspection
  • Automate the inspection workflow
  • Accurate and fast test performance
  • Easily access connections in any location
  • Connect with anything and test anywhere!
  • Integrated touch screen with live fiber viewing
  • Auto-Center
  • Auto-Focus
  • Built-in fiber endface analysis
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • Can store results on device or export them
  • WiFi and USB connection capabilities

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VIAVI FiberChek Probe Details

Dimensions (H x W x D)  218 x 50 x 131 mm (8.6 x 2.0 x 5.2 in)
Weight  272 g (9.5 oz)
Display  128 x 128 x 1.5 in OLED touch screen
Connector  USB 2.0 (Micro-B)
Power source  Internal LiON battery, USB power
Run time  6 hr
Charge time  2 hr (2 A max power source)
8 hr (500 mA max power source)
values (µm)
Horizontal: 740 µm
Vertical: 550 µm
Horizontal: 370 µm
Vertical: 275 µm
Live image  640 x 480
Power supply  12 V, 2 A with interchangeable wall
plug for EU, UK, US, and AU
Camera sensor  2560 x 1920, 1/2.5 in CMOS,
5 megapixel
Particle size detection  <1 µm
Built-In LCD resolution (in pixels)  Live Image: 128 x 120
Light source  Blue LED, 100,000+ hr life
Lighting technique  Coax
Certification  CE, EN/IEC 61326
Storage Temperature  -10˚to +70˚C (14˚ to 158˚F)
Operating Temperature  0˚ to +50˚ C (32˚ to 122˚F)
Storage Humidity  0-95% non-condensing
Operating Humidity  10-95% non-condensing
Save Options  JPG image, PNG image, HTML
report, PDF report

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FiberChek Probe Data Sheet [PDF, 568.54 KB]
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