SmartClass 4800

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SmartClass 4800
Tool of choice for all-in-one service testing

Optimized for business services installation teams, the SmartClass 4800 is the modern tool for ensuring data and voice services achieve expected key performance indicators (KPI).

With the ability to test electrical and optical Ethernet links as well T1 and E1 interfaces, the SmartClass 4800 allows technicians to test all common business class interfaces. Technicians can test the quality of voice services regardless of whether they are delivered via VoIP or PRI.

The industry’s smallest handheld instrument can test throughout the service life cycle, including service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Advanced Ethernet test features such as TrueSpeed per RFC 6349 and, J-Profiler help field technicians test their networks faster and more accurately than ever before


SmartClass 4800 Benefits

  • Optimized for field use with a multitouch screen, scripted workflows, and clear results.
  • Supports efficient best practices with repeatable methods and procedures.

SmartClass 4800 Features

  • Electrical (10/100/1000) and optical (100M, 1GE) Ethernet interfaces.
  • Automated, enhanced RFC 2544 and SAMComplete testing per ITU-T Y.1564.
  • Integrated burst testing approach per MEF 34 and RFC 6349 TrueSpeed™ TCP throughput testing.
  • Compatible with Viavi fiber microscopes, and optical power meters.

SmartClass 4800 Applications

  • Business services installations, service activation and troubleshooting.
  • Mobile and backhaul characterization, validation, and troubleshooting.

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