SFP Transceiver | 1G 1550nm 32dB

SFP Transceiver | 1G 1550nm 32dB

This SFP optic transceiver uses Ethernet technology; it can transfer data at a speed of 1Gbps with 32dB budget, and it can send using 1550nm wavelength. SFP optic transceivers are used with modular fiber optic switches in active networks.

CSS-313A32D0-15 SFP Transceiver Details

  • 1550nm SFP according to the multi-source-agreement (MSA).
  • Applications:
    1.25Gbps Gigabit Ethernet
    1.0625Gbps Fiber Channel
  • Link budget at least 32dB.
  • Standard digital monitoring (DDM) interface to read parameters like optical power and temperature.
  • 1550nm laser complies with class 1 of international safety standard IEC 60825.
  • APD photodiode for high receiver sensitivity.
  • Customized versions for different switch manufacturers available.
  • Product Description: 1550nm SFP-Transceiver up to 1.25 Gbps
  • Product Code: CSS-313A32D0-15-13

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