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MilTermini Fiber Optik Konnektör

STRAN Technologies has qualified its optical termini to the multimode requirements of MIL-PRF-29504/14 and /15 specifications and is proven to maintain or exceed the performance requirements of STRAN’s M28876 and TACLight™ connector product lines. Built around a singlemode quality zirconia ferrule, STRAN’s military approved M29504/14 and M29504/15 series multimode optical termini offer singlemode performance at multimode affordability.
The ferrule comes chamfered and preradiused to minimize polish time and consumption of expensive polishing films. So as to eliminate entrapped air in the bonding adhesive, ferrules are bottom-seated into the ferrule holder for unsurpassed reliability.With its eleven, specially heat treated Beryllium Copper Belleville washers, the M29504/14 offers consistent terminus mating forces of between 5 – 7lbs. These mating forces have been proven to prevent optical discontinuities during demanding shock loads in excess of 1,500 g’s in 3 milliseconds and vibration levels in excess of 40g’s RMS.
The M29504/14 and M29504/15 are supplied with Fluorosilicone ‘o’-rings for environmental sealing of the connector insert cavity for open face pressures of up to 1 atmosphere. Angle polished and keyed versions are available for singlemode sensor applications; however these versions are not specified in the military specification and therefore are not QPL’ed.Designed to be used with






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