PC Networking Tool Kit (AC110V~120V, Inch) | PK-4302AI


  • The new Supercrimp crimper with 4 die set for crimping RJ-45/8P8C Modular plugs, BNC, TNC, F and Fiber optical connectors
  • Pro-Soft screwdriver set includes (-)SL3, SL5, (+)PH#0,PH#1, socket 5mm & 6mm feature the maximum torque and user comfort
  • The Desoldering Pump features piston with double oil seals, to ensure no air leakage to guarantee the best suction capability
  • The 3 1/2 Compact Digital Multimeter comes with large LCD and back-light for easy reading in low light situations
  • Rugged and Heavy duty aluminum tool case with 3 hinges, key lock and metal protective corner to hold all tools for safety.
Model no. Description
1PK-067DS Dual Color Side Cutting Plier (165mm)
1PK-709DS Dual Color Long Nose Plier (165mm)
SI-130A-20 Ceramic soldering Iron (110V )
9CP-246D8P Die Set for RJ45/8P8C modular plugs
9CP-346DC Die Set for RG 58,59,62,6 Coaxial cable
9CP-346DC2 Die Set for RG 59, 6, F Type Connectors
9CP-346DG Die Set for Fiber optic connector
9CP-374 Supercrimp Crimp Tool Frame
9CP-501BN Wire Stripper Tool
9DP-S001 Pen Solder 63%
9SD-200-M5 9SD-200-I1 Pro-Soft Screwdriver 3/16"(inch) or 5mm(metric)
Pro-Soft Screwdriver 1/4"(inch) or 6mm(metric)
9SD-201A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-)3.0x75mm
9SD-201B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+)#0x75mm
9SD-210A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-)5x100mm
9SD-210B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+)#1x100mm
CP-3140 Pouch Down Tool with 110 Blades
CP-369AE Wire Stripping Tool for 0.5, 1.2,1.6,2.0mm
DK-2039 Utility Knife (3 Blades Self Loading)
DK-2040 Measuring Tape (3M/10FT)
DP-366D De-soldering Pump
7 pcs Folding Type Hex Key Set
(Inch) or (metric)
MT-1210 3 1/2 Compact Digital Multimeter
MT-7051N Multi-Modular Cable Tester
SB-1912 Utility Component Storage Box (187.5x117x22mm)
SR-332 All Purpose Snip
9PK-730N Aluminum Frame Tool Case W/1 Pallet

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