I&C Maintenance and Calibration

We at Samm Technology working on I&C maintenance and calibration with more than 50 testing devices. Predictive-preventive activities which are performed during operations or stopping times would cause the continuity of linear efficiency.

The instruments that we working on include:

  • Pressure transmitter,
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter,
  • Flow transmitters (Mass, Corioliss, Vortex, Electromagnetic),
  • Level transmitters (Ultrasonic, radar, electromagnetic),
  • Temperature transmitters and its components,
  • Temperature indicators,
  • Pressure indicators,
  • Pressure switch,
  • Temperature switch,
  • Level switch,
  • On-off valves,
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic valves,
  • Positioners,
  • PSV

Our cable tests include:

  • VLF (very low frequency) tests,
  • Cable capacitance tests,
  • Cable impedance tests,
  • Electrical resistivity tests,
  • Link Box functional tests,
  • F/O ODTR tests.
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