HTLP80-17X100/1,4-1,3RE 3 Layers Heat Shrink Sleeve 3LPE, HSS


Heat Shrink Sleeve HTLP80

Covalence HTLP80 is a wrap-around heat shrink sleeve which replicates the structure and performance 3LPE coating. HTLP 80 is used for the corrosion protection of girth weld joints of Water, Oil and Gas Pipelines operating up to 85° C (185° F)


First Layer: Solvent free two layers of Liquid Epoxy

Second Layer: High shear resistant copolymer adhesive

Third Layer: Radiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene with PCI - Permanent Change Indicator which flattenes permanently when the rough back is heated.

Ordering Information

Roll form: Must be cut to the desired length according file “AT-GIRTHWELD” in download section. Closure patch size and quantity must be chosen from same file and ordered separately.


  • HTLP80 Product name.
  • 17” Nominal roll width,
  • 100 feet Roll length.30.48 m
  • 1,4-1,3 coating’ thickness 2.7 before – 2.4 mm after
  • Reduced Edge The sleeve have 8 cm of thinner edges on both sides

/UNI Sleeve: Ready to use sleeve, pre-cut according to pipe diameter and closure patch attached.


  • HTLP80 Product name.
  • 16000 Pipe outside diameter, mil (thousand of an inch)
  • 17 Sleeve width, inches
  • Thickness 2.7 before – 2.4 mm after
  • (/UNI) Ready to use sleeve.

Closure Patches

  • WPCP-IV-4X17
    • WPCP-IV Name of closure patch.
    • 4 Width, inches
    • 17” length,

For more details please consult to Samm’s Corrosion Engineers.


  • Girthweld Joints of Water,Oil and Gas Pipelines with Operating temperature up to 85° C (185° F)
  • Compatible with all commonly used pipe coatings, including, PE,Coal tar Enamel,Coal Tar Epoxy,

Features & Benefits

30 Years of Successful Track Record

DVGW certified.

Proven reliablilty with global references

Proven quality and performance!

Compatible with all types of Coating systems

Easy to apply with Minimal training

Versatile and reduced inventory

Saves time and money

Dimpled Backing with "Permanent Change Indicator"

No Soil Stress Restrictions

Excellent tool to ensure proper product installation

Versatile and reduced inventory

Max Temperature:

85 ºC, 185 ºF

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