FOTAS SL-50's Artificial Intelligence

Date: 2020-07-29

Fiber optic FOTAS-acoustic-detection-system | Samm Teknoloji

FOTAS SL-50's Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to FOTAS SL-50's artificial intelligence, a fiber cable can detect and distinguish human activities from passing vehicles to large-scale excavation work.

Be safe from Possible Threats with FOTAS

FOTAS is a real-time, 24-hour, reliable and cost-effective threat detection system. It offers the opportunity to detect any threat within a pre-designated area before the occurrence of serious damage, with up to 10 meters accuracy.

With the help of the web interface, multiple users on the same network can monitor FOTAS system at the same time.

With support for third party security systems such CCTV, our system provides real-time detection and faster responses, which greatly improves the security level.

One unique benefit of FOTAS system is that it does not require any electronic devices or any energy source in any area along the deployed sensing fiber cable. In other words; a fiber optic cable, properly installed underground or on a fence, is sufficient to secure the entire area with high accuracy.

Distributed acoustic sensing using fiber optic cables is the ultimate modern solution for security. It is highly recommended for different security application areas such as airports, railways, energy facilities, oil refineries, buried oil and gas pipeline systems; and to provide more suitable security for different applications. We have developed two versions of our FOTAS detection systems.

The Two Versions of FOTAS, SL-10 and SL-50

The SL-50 model of FOTAS system can detect threats along a fiber cable up to 50 km. If a longer distance is required, it is sufficient to increase the number of optical devices. Thanks to the deep learning and artificial intelligence, the system identifies the detected acoustic effects as events and classifies them according to the type of action such as digging, machine excavation, vehicle crossing and trespassing.

Fiber optic detection system SL-50 | Samm Teknoloji

The other model of FOTAS system is SF-10, and it can detect threats such as climbing or cutting a fence up to 10 km.

Fiber optic detection system SF-10 | Samm Teknoloji

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