FOMS-FPS - Front patching/splicing shelf

FOMS-FPS Features: Patching only or splicing and patching in the same shelf

  • Accommodates up to 24 (48) connectors on the front of the shelf
  • Fits in a standard rack (19" and ETSI): suitable for any 19” electronic equipment rack (also compatible with ETSI, 23” or Tyco Electronics GR2 and UR using adaptation brackets)
  • Compatible with all types of connector
  • Different mounting options: front, near back, back 44 mm high chassis (one 19" height unit)
  • Pivoting trays allow easy access to the interior of the shelf
  • Cable or patchcord entrance possible at the side or back of the shelf.

Ordering Guide for FOMS-FPS product range [PDF, 1.59 MB]
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