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FiberChek-Sidewinder MPO/MTP inspection- Viavi turkey

FiberChek Sidewinder

The smallest and most portable multi-fiber MPO/MTP connector inspection and analysis solution with an All-day battey. VIAVI FiberChek Sidewinder is a hand-held “All in One” device, dedicated for inspecting and analyzing MPO and MTP connectors in less than 8 seconds. FiberChek Sidewinder has an integrated touchscreen, fully automated system, Wifi and USB connectivity.

FiberChek-Sidewinder MPO/MTP inspection - Viavi Turkey

FiberChek Sidewinder Benefits

  • Certify end face quality to customer requirements
  • Easily access connections in any location
  • Automate the inspection workflow
  • Fully autonomous multifiber inspection
  • Ensure accurate and fast test performance with automatic test results in less than 8 seconds
  • Connect with anything and test anywhere!

hand held portable MPO/MTP inspection FiberChek-Sidewinder - Viavi Turkey

FiberChek Sidewinder Features

  • Auto-center
  • Auto-pan/scroll
  • Auto-focus
  • Stores results on device or export
  • Built-in fiber end-face analysis
  • Audible sounds for Pass/Fail results
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • Integrated touchscreen
  • WiFi, and USB connection to a PC and mobile devices
  • Live fiber viewing
  • All-day battery life
  • Built in acceptance criteria to industry standards

app controlled MPO/MTP inspection FiberChek-Sidewinder - Viavi Turkey

Software Comptability

  • Android (FiberChekMOBILE)
  • iPhone & iPad (FiberChekMOBILE)
  • Windows Tablets (FiberChekPRO)
  • PC/Laptops (FiberChekPRO)

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