RF Connectors

SAMM technology offers broad selection of standard connectors for a wide range of different applications, customer-specific solutions for the following connections are also developed and manufactured:

Board-to-board connectors: MMBX, MBX, MFBX, Contact-Bridge -- Microminiature connectors: MMCX, MMPX, SMPM-T -- Subminiature connectors: MCX, SMB, SMC -- Precision connectors: SMA, PC 1.85 and 3.5, SK -- Coaxial inserts: 1.0/2.3 -- Quick latch connectors: QLA -- Blind mate connectors: BMA, ECO BMA -- QLF- Quick lock connectors: QMA, XQMA, QN, XQN -- Bajonet connectors: BNC -- Threaded connectors: TNC -- Twinaxial connectors: BNO / Triaxial connectors: BNT -- High voltage connectors: SHV, MHV -- Mid size connectors: 4.3-10, C, N, UHF -- Large size connectors: 7/16 -- Low PIM cell site connectors: Quick-fit (N & 7/16) -- Reverse polarity connectors: Series N, SMA, TNC -- Hermetically sealed RF connectors -- Precision multicoax connectors: MXP


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