SAMM GPON iPhone Application

SAMM GPON iPhone Application

SAMM GPON (Gigabit Passive Optic Network) Application

The demand for fiber optic network infrastructure continues to grow and this growth creates a need for more designers as well as an information system to manage the infrastructure. The integration of engineering design and visualization tools with network data asset management is an ideal application for a geospatially enabled infrastructure management system. 

Our application has been developed specifically support design and engineering teams for fiber optic deployment projects (also known as FTTH, FTTX or GPON). 



Buildings Physical Verification: 

  1. While deploying fiber optic networks, building verification teams usually go near the building and take note of the buildings manually. As this task is very time consuming and prone to mistakes, we provide to these technicians a new tool to introduce building data like number of potential users, GPS location, photographs of the building (between 1-5), comments, etc. 
  2. Add notes to the photos or free notes (e.g. new construction, students/young tenants, ...) 
  3. All the information can be monitored centrally by a planning engineer and published after its approval


Inventory and Labelling: 

• Keep track of existing inventory installed on remote sites: joint closures, street cabinets, manholes, cables, POP locations, distribution frames etc. will be labelled and recorded into database by "on site" technicians

• All the equipments have a unique number and a QR code

• Fiber optic deployment teams can take photos and add notes to them

• Breakdown of each component/equipment can also be introduced detailing all the parts included (custom requirement) 


Next releases will include the following features:

• Work orders for task assignment to the technicians 

• Number of subscribers connected

• Daily reports: units installed of fiber optic cables, number of joint closures connected, manholes, street cabinets, number of new subscribers, penetration to specific city or region...



SAMM GPON iPhone ApplicationSAMM GPON iPhone ApplicationSAMM GPON iPhone Application
SAMM GPON iPhone Application


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