JB-MB-26 Marshalling Box

Fibre glass re-enforced marshalling boxes to split a power cable in either 4 or 7 subsequent heat tracing feeders with a maximum cross section of 16mm². They are particularly suited for powering multiple short heat tracing circuits from a single supply point, typically in instrumentation areas or where the power infrastructure is limited.

The marshalling box intended for wall mounting and approved for use in hazardous areas

  • JB-MB-25/16MM2: 1 x M32 entry, 4 x M25 entries
  • JB-MB-26/16MM2: 1 x M32 entry, 7 x M25 entries



                                          JB-MB-25/16MM2 JB-MB-26/16MM2                            
Entries 4 x M25, 1 x M32 7 x M25, 1 x M32
Terminals 9 x 16 mm² (3 PE), screw type 12 x 16 mm² (4 PE), screw type
Max operating current 50A 50A
Dimensions (mm) 120 x 220 x 90 160 x 260 x 90
Internal earth plate and earth stud No No
Approved for use in hazardous areas Yes Yes
JBMB2516MM2JBMB2616MM2-Datasheet [PDF, 405.04 KB]
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