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OptiBox32 Fiber Optic Termination Box

The OptiBox32 can be configured modular with two kinds of splice cassettes supporting MultiCircuit (MCM) or SingleCircuit (SCM) managed fibers. Additionally a dedicated Splitter Cassette for an easy integration of passive optical components is available. The installation-friendly plastic enclosure is typically used by telecom customers (FTTH/FITH) and is designed for indoor and moderate outdoor wall mounting (IP56). In order to protect the fibers from bending or environmental influence, conventional loose tube cables as well as micro cable or conduits of blown-in systems can be fastened to the inside of the box. Further there can be fastened various gas and water blocking systems inside the OptiBox32.


  • User friendly splicing and patching box, consisting of base, fiber management support and a cover
  • Detachable fiber management support
  • Up to 32 adapters in SC shape (LC, LX.5, SC) mounted inside of the enclosure
  • Up to 16 positions to equip individually with ACS Splice Cassettes
  • 2 cable entries, 2 cable exits on the top and 8 exits at the bottom
  • Outside cable entries / exits are sealed with hinged half-shelf grommets
  • Radius protected PatchCord overlength storage
  • Pigtail to Pigtail configuration
  • Key lockable cover
  • UV radiation resistant housing
  • Enclosure impermeability matches the requirement of moderate outdoor applications

Optibox32_Datasheet [PDF, 306.75 KB]
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