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KIT MTS-2000 + 4126MP OTDR module

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VIAVI MTS-2000 + 4126MP Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Kit

VIAVI MTS-2000 + 4126MP Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Kit

VAVI -JDSU- MTS-2000 is a portable modular OTDR fiber optic test device. The VIAVI VIAVI 4126MP is an OTDR module; designed for FTTH, Access, Metro, Short, Medium and Long haul fiber networks' qualification and maintenance, with up to 1x128 splitter test capability fo FTTH. VIAVI MTS-2000 and VIAVI 4126MP combine singlemode and multimode testing capabilities with 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650 nm wavelengths and with three RMS dynamic ranges, 43/41/40 dB.

VIAVI MTS-2000 Handheld Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

VIAVI MTS-2000 OTDR Test Device

The VIAVI MTS-2000 is a small hand-held modular test device with a hands-free bag, used for fiber optic networks in Entreprise, Metro, FTTx, Access and point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks (PONs).
Test capabilities include a range of OTDR modules for multimode and single-mode testing, as well as a range of FiberCompleteTM modules for automated Insertion Loss/Optical Return Loss (IL/ORL), and fault finding. Both OTDR and FiberComplete modules are passive optical network (PON) optimized. The unit is also ready for connector end face pass/fail analysis to IEC standards with a digital analysis microscope. The PON power meter and CWDM-OSA modules also enable turn-up and troubleshooting of PON and coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) networks.

Carier Bag of VIAVI MTS-2000 Handheld Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

VIAVI MTS-2000 Applications

  • Certify the fiber physical layer on FTTx/PON, access, metro and enterprise networks
  • Ensure the highest-quality connectorizing, splicing, and turn-up of new fiber links
  • Improve workflow with hands-free solution, driving best practices to IEC standards
  • Smarter and faster field testing with simple setup and instantaneous pass/fail results
  • Boost productivity with improved report generation and flexible connectivity
  • Decrease OpEx and increase field productivity when combined with StrataSync™, cloud-enabled software that displays assets, modules, versions, and locations; maintains accurate instrument configuration and setup; and, provides visibility into instrument utilization and test-data management

Top inputs VIAVI MTS-2000 Handheld Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

VIAVI MTS-2000 Features

  • Large 5-inch touch-screen display
  • Field-installable modules
  • Wide range of OTDR modules including Quad and PON
  • FiberComplete automated IL/ORL, PON power meter, and CWDM analyzer
  • Automated fiber inspection and IEC pass/fail analysis
  • Optional built-in optical power meter, visual fault locator (VFL), and optical talk set
  • New-generation lithium polymer (LiPo) battery for 8-hour operation
  • Flexible connectivity with Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities
  • Special hands-free bag standard
  • Cross-compatible with T-BERD/MTS-4000

Wide Range of Applications for Maximum Flexibility

The VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-2000 provides the largest range of test capabilities offered in one handheld unit. The modular design allows service providers the maximum flexibility to scale their investment and evolve with the growth of their network.

The VIAVI MTS-2000 instrument supports the whole range of essential fiber analysis tools including connection inspection, connection check, source, ORL, OTDR, a power meter, a PON selective power meter, and CWDM optical spectrum analyzer.

Application modules used with the VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-2000 can also be used with the T-BERD/MTS-4000 and the two products are interoperable.

Customizable VIAVI MTS-2000 Handheld Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

Boosted Productivity with Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet

The VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-2000 integrates various communication capabilities allowing remote control, data and setup uploads/downloads, and report transfer. The unit has one high-speed 1G Ethernet port, three USB ports, and optional WiFi and Bluetooth network connections.

WiFi and Bluetooth network connections VIAVI MTS-2000 Handheld Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

VIAVI 4126MP FTTH/Metro/Access/Long-Haul OTDR Module

This VIAVI 4126MP module is designed to work with fiber optic OTDR devices, mainly T-BERD/MTS 2000, T-BERD/MTS 4000 and T-BERD/MTS 5800.
VIAVI 4100-Series OTDR modules let field technicians rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively install, turn up, and troubleshoot any optical network architecture—enterprise, metro, and FTTx/access point-to-point or point-to-multipoint passive optical networks (PONs). The VIAVI 4100-series OTDR modules' optical performance combined with the complete suite of T-BERD/MTS platforms testing features ensures that testing is done right the first time.


VIAVI 4126MP Module Benefits

  • Combines OTDR, power meter and continuous light source for added testing flexibility
  • Performs accurate PON networks troubleshooting with dedicated wavelengths for in-service troubleshooting
  • Avoids the risk of live signal interference or damage to the optical transmitter when performing OTDR test with instantaneous automatic traffic detection
  • Automatic macrobend detection
  • Summary results table with pass/fail analysis
  • Bidirectional OTDR analysis
  • Fast-Report – onboard report generation

VIAVI 4126MP Module Features

  • Up to 43 dB dynamic range and 256,000 acquisition points
  • PON-optimized to test through a 1x128 splitter
  • Combined single-mode/multimode into one (quad)
  • Single/dual/tri-wavelength versions with 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 nm
  • Integrated CW light source and broadband power meter
  • Ready for SLM, Metro, and FTTH-SLM intelligent optical application software
  • Instantly detects traffic when connected to live fiber
  • Ideal for installing, turning up, and maintaining FTTx/PON, access, metro, and enterprise networks
  • Accurately troubleshoots in-service PON networks using dedicated wavelengths
  • Includes an integrated power meter, light source, and OTDR in one tool from one port for added flexibility
  • Avoids the risk of live signal interference or optical transmitter damage during OTDR tests with instantaneous, automatic traffic detection
  • Eliminates OTDR interpretation errors with Smart Link Mapper (SLM) without compromising on test time
VIAVI-4126MP-OTDR-Metro-FTTH-Access-Long-Haul-04 on MTS-2000

VIAVI MTS-2000 Front Details

  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Charge indicator
  • On indicator
  • File menu
  • Setup menu
  • Start/Stop
  • Testing indicator
  • On/Off
  • Home page
  • Cancel
  • Direction and validation keys
  • Results page
  • Loudspeaker
  • Headset jack
  • AC/DC input
  • Slave mini USB port
  • RJ45 connector
  • Master USB ports (2)
  • Power meter port
  • VFL or talk set port
  • WiFi and Bluetooth options
  • Stylus for touch screen
Details of VIAVI MTS-2000 Handheld Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

  Multimode Singlemode+Multimode Singlemode
Wavelengths 850/1300 850/1300/1310/1550 1310/1550/1625/1650 1310/1550/1625/1650 1310/1490/1550/1625/1650 nm
Dyn. range 27/25dB 27/25/37/35dB 34/32/32/30dB 37/35/35/33dB 42/40/40/40/40dB
EDZ 0.8 m 08 m MM / 0.9 m SM 1 m 0.9 m 0.8 m
ADZ 4 m 4 m 4 m 4 m 4 m
Applications - MM networks (Datacom/IT/Private Enterprises) - MM networks
- Short/Medium Range SM Distances
- Short Distances
- Test before or after the splitter or up to 1/16 splitter on PON Networks
- Short/Medium Range Distances
- Test through up to 1/32 splitter on PON Networks
- Medium/Long  Range Distances
- Test through up to 1/128 splitter on PON Networks
Fiber Mode: Singlemode
Central Wavelength: 1310 nm
1490 nm
1550 nm
1625 nm
1650 nm
RMS Dynamic Range: 40 dB
41 dB
43 dB
Event Dead Zone: 0,8 m.
Attenuation Dead Zone: 4 m.
Network type: FTTH
MTS-2000 Hanheld Modular Test Platform

MTS-2000 Hanheld Modular Test Platform

VIAVI Turkey
MTS-2000 Fiber Optic Modular OTDR Test Device

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4126MP OTDR Module

4126MP OTDR Module

VIAVI Turkey
4126MP Fiber Optic Metro/FTTH/Access/Long Haul OTDR Module

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