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BNC Straight panel receptacle (jack) 10

HUBER+SUHNER 50 Ω BNC is still a popular connector series, featuring a two stud bayonet coupling mechanism, which is particulary useful for frequently coupled and uncoupled RF connections with frequencies up to 4 GHz. Within the internationally standardized BNC mating face dimensions a perfect 75 Ω characteristic impedance cannot be realized. However, at frequencies up to 1 GHz the small impedance deviation is negligible for practical applications.

«Real» 75 Ω BNC connectors are suitable for applications up to 3 GHz, contrary to the conventional 75 Ω BNC connector types, which are applicable up to 1 GHz only.  With the HUBER+SUHNER® full crimp technique, they can be assembled quick and easy to all convenient cable types.

Thanks to good electrical properties they are suitable for different applications, such as broadcast, telecommunication, etc. Mechanically they are mateable with all conventional BNC connectors (50Ω and 75Ω). 

Mechanical data

Flange dimention Type round flange 17.5 X 17.5 mm
Tab Style   solder end
Terminal Dimension D1 1.90 mm
Terminal Dimension L1   8.80 mm
Terminal Dimension D2   7.80 mm
Terminal Dimension L2   2.40 mm

Electrical data

Impendance 50 Ω
Max. Interface frequency ≤ 4 GHz

Environmental and general data

Operating Temp min -65 °C
Operating Temp max 165 °C
Weight 0.0105 kg
Number of Matings 500

Material data

2002/95/EC (RoHS)  compliant
Piece part Base material Plating
Centre Contact Material Copper Beryllium Alloy Gold Plating (Nickel underplated)
Outer Contact Material Brass SUCOPLATE (R) Plating
Insulator Material PFA / PTFE  
Body Material Brass SUCOPLATE (R) Plating

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